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These intercoms, often called security intercoms or talk-through intercoms are designed to provide communication through a barrier, such as a ticket window.  Telex has been providing this product for many years.  The ICW-2 was replaced in the late '90's by the ICW-3, which was replaced by the ICW-6 in Nov. of 2009.  The IC-W2 featured a control box which was normally mounted under a counter top.  The control box had a volume control for outside and inside, a VOX adjustment knob, and a lighted mute switch.  A headset, usually a PH-8 or PH-88, also plugged into the control box.  A combination speaker/mic was mounted in the hole in the glass.  The IC-W3 and IC-W6 have the control unit and speaker combined into one unit that mounts in the glass.  It has a volume control for inside and out, dual VOX controls, and a mute switch.  Unlike the ICW2, the ICW3 and ICW6 allow the choice of using a PH-88-IC3 headset or an MCP-90-12 or MCP-90-18 gooseneck mic.  When the gooseneck mic is used, a built-in speaker produces the sound on the operator side.  Both units are well-constructed, and can provide many years of use.  Regular maintenance can prolong the life of these units indefinitely.  If you own an ICW-2 or ICW-3 and need repairs, see our repairs page.  These units are durable and well made and can be repaired inexpensively.

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